What To Treat

At Med Life We Are Able To Treat A Number of Issues


Suffering from enlarged pores, congested skin or inflamed pimples that are hard to treat? At Life Med we offer a combination of solutions to treat all Fitzpatrick Skin Types.

Acne Scarring

Has your acne cleared but left your skin with dark spots or pitted scars?


At Life Med we treat a range of Pigmentation types, hormonal pigmentation, sun spots, acne scars and marks left from eczema or psoriasis.

Uneven Skin Tone

Slightly different to solid pigmentation, unevenness is mostly common in darker skin types. We offer the safe, non invasive solution.


Post pregnancy mums, sudden weight gain or weight-loss could result in stretching of the skin. Allow us to stimulate depleted collagen and elasticity through a range of treatments.


Every woman's enemy, with the correct lifestyle advice and treatment selection to drain toxins and stagnant waste amongst depleted collagen, the “orange peel effect” will be no more.

Premature Aging

Prevention is always better than cure. Lines and wrinkles, sun spots, sagging skin, dehydration are all conditions that can be treated with a little TLC. “We cannot change the aging process, however, you have the power to choose how you’d like to age - Hajirah Fazluddin”

Body Contouring

Been going to the gym, eating healthy but cannot seem to rid yourself from localised fatty deposits? Allow us to give you that final push to achieving optimal results.

Lines or Wrinkles

Lacking more elasticity and volume with each year that passes? Lets slow down that process for you.


Lets teach you how to eat healthier with Herbalife.

Laser Removal

Unwanted hair? Do you regret having done that tattoo. Lets remove it, PERMANENTLY!