I had skin problems from a very young age and struggled with deep pigmentation and acne. I invested in so much money and time on various skin treatments which never seemed to help me. When I started with Hajirah I saw such a drastic change in my skin. since I have been with Hajirah I feel so good and so confident. Thank you Life Med Aesthetics


Since I've been coming to aesthetics hajirah has been my saviour! I've been seeing her since July 2016 for my breakouts and facial- treatments and I can honestly say I've seen results and wish to continue my journey as it has immensely boosted my confidence.


My experience at life Med aesthetics is always extremely satisfying. The time that I get from Hajira with regards to my concerns is what makes me come back to them over and over again. Being a mua my skin is extremely important to me and I am overly obsessed with it, Hajira takes the time every single time to listen And give me exactly what my skin needs. Never disappointed.


I had trouble with my pigmentation that was caused by razor bumps, Hajirah was able to even out my skin and make it smoother by using peels. the chemical peels I had was painless during and after the session, even when was peeling. I am happy with my results so far and feeling more confident that my skin looks better . I believe it is important to take care of your skin.


Life Med offers an extensive range of treatments. Hajirah is extremely professional and offers amazing customer experience as well as genuinely cares about her clients by having a personal connection. She is readily available to answer any questions, even after hours.


My experience with Life Med aesthetics can be summed up with one word, results. Knowing I can confidently walk into her room and leave with the results I came in looking for. I have done various treatments including carboxy therapy for stretch marks, cellulite and acne, hair laser removal, exilis for cellulite as well as frequency on the face to lift and plump the skin as well as chemical peels for acne and overall appearance of the skin